Experience The Darvonda Design Difference

experience the Darvonda design difference

About Us


Darvonda Nurseries began doing business in 1975, starting out as a 10,000 square foot glass greenhouse producing tropical indoor potted plants.  In 1987, Byron Jansen, son of the owner Peter Jansen, began running the operation, focusing on indoor flowering plant production.  In 1991, Byron took over complete control of the company upon the retirement of Peter Jansen. In 2015, Byron's son Lawrence took over as CEO.


The greenhouse facilities have since grown to include 7 different locations including 27 acres of glass and plastic growing space as well as 20 acres of outdoor production area.  Sales have also increased on average 15% annually for the past 20 years.  The company has focused its efforts on offering flowering annuals and indoor potted plants that are not marketed simply as a commodity.  Instead, Darvonda uses their creative design sense to develop unique product offerings on a per customer basis.

Leveraging our connections throughout the Orient, coupled with a network of top notch partner growers, Darvonda is able to offer exclusive design programs to Big Box stores around the world.

Established:  1975

Owner:  Lawrence Jansen


Head Office – 6690  216 street, Milner, BC

Growing Facility – 4807  48th Ave, Mundare, AB

234 Saskatchewan Drive NE, Redcliff, Alberta T0J 2P0

9 Pembina Crescent NE, Redcliff Alberta T0J 2P0

Partner Grower

Hilltop Nursery, 1840 Burnside Road West,  Victoria, BC

Lean Manufacturing

In the last few years Darvonda has continued its trend of growth and so we began our program of lean management in order to cut our costs in labour, increase our quality of production and decrease errors in outgoing orders. Implementing this lean program has enabled Darvonda to eliminate processes that do not offer value to our product while tracking our progress with a set of reliable measurements. This form of management allows us to get a better picture of what is working and what needs adjustment going forward. With this Risk Management strategy in place Darvonda has continued to improve

As a company we are devoted to Improving the quality of our products to let our customers know that we are the best in the business. With lean management and the new lines in place we have multiple quality control checks as well as consistent automated processes that ensure only top quality products leave our facility


At its core, lean management teaches the simplification of the manufacturing processes. It wants companies to look at each process involved in completing saleable products and attaching costs and values to each. Darvonda now has a better understanding of what is wasteful movement and what is a necessity to finishing quality products in a more efficient and cost effective manner

Due to the fact that every process is broken down to its roots, Darvonda has a very effective way of tracking cost. This has given us the ability to price our products competitively with a fuller understanding of COGS. With this knowledge, Darvonda will continue to increase sales as well as broaden their customer base and continue on a growth trend.